Chinese VISA

If you're going to China, here's how to get your visa. 




In your email, let her know that you are with GTO and that you need a flight itinerary and hotel reservation to Chengdu, China for obtaining a Chinese visa that can be canceled before that date arrives. The date given for this should be the date that you are leaving the States.

Step 2:

American PAssports

  1. Under visa services, select China Visa
  2. Put in your zip code. You can now receive a ten-year visa for the same price as a one-year visa so ask for a ten-year one. (Before we asked for one-year visas)
  3. There will be a list of what you will need to send in to passport visa express. Only numbers one through five will apply to you.
    • China Visa application form
    • Passport: At least 6 months validity; signed
    • One (2”x2”) Passport Photo
    • Itinerary (China)
    • Hotel reservation
  4. You may only fill out the application via computer. Be warned! Once you begin filling out the application there’s no way to save it! If you exit the application form you lose it, and you will need to start over again. (see detailed instructions below for completing your application)
  5. After you are finished you will pay online for the visa and fees.
  6. On the website you will have a few options for return shipping. We recommend sending in a prepaid envelope with your address on it.
  7. At the very end, the website should give you a shipping address specifying where you send your passport and other required info.

Canadian Passports
Go to

Under construction - instructions coming.

Should an itinerary be requested and your tickets not yet purchased, you can contact our travel agent Perneet at, and request an itinerary that has you entering China at the aproximate date (doesn't have to be exact), staying a few weeks, and then departing the country. Many times you'll be traveling by bus, so the itinerary is just for the requirement. You do not need to cancel the itinerary. The tickets are not issued unless paid.


Instructions for filling out chinese visa application

(Please follow carefully and precisely!)

  1. This application must be filled out in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS on your computer.
  2. All spaces must be filled in. If the item does not apply fill it in with N/A or NONE.
  3. Absolutely NO INK on your visa form! (except your signature)
  4. All information on the application needs to match your passport
  5. Most of the blanks are self‐explanatory
  6. Here is a guide to the blanks on which you may have questions (number corresponds to the numbers on the application):
    • 1.10 Select ‘ordinary’
    • 1.15 If none, you may enter ‘other’ and specify your occupation
    • 1.17 Fill in with a company name; not the name of your employer
    • 2.1 Tourism
    • 2.2 Multiple entries valid for 10 years from the date of issue
    • 2.3 no
    • 2.4 info from Perneet
    • 2.5 30 days
    • 2.6 info from Perneet
    • 2.7 personal funds
    • 2.8 info from Perneet


In applying for your visa, DO NOT mention that you are a Christian, or going with a Christian Organization, or will be doing mission work. Do not mention Global Tribes Outreach. You'll be applying for a tourist visa, and going as a tourist.



Snap a photo of your Chinese visa and upload it in your application. You're all done!