English Center

Our English program is designed to help mostly college-age students learn to speak English better.The students that apply are evaluated on what level their English is at and then paired with a native English speaker/teacher. The teacher is given materials to teach but then needs to take the initiative to lesson plan and prepare for the class. Class size may range from 1 - 4 students and most are an hour long.. The typical commitment is 20 hrs. of study time, over a two month period.


English Camp

Our English camps are designed to help teach English in local schools. We usually plan for three consecutive days in 1 school (both during school or while school is on break), teaching English through the Bible to secondary and high school students. We adapt the English classes to assist/surround the English program that already exists in the school. This program is usually a 2-week program in 2 different schools. Be sure to fasten your seatbelt because it is 


English Corner

An English corner often happens on a university campus and is geared for students to practice English in a casual environment and is led by a native English speaker. A “corner” involves but is not limited to group games, topics of conversation, food and just hanging out. It’s a wonderful way to get to know students and to build relationships that will continue in a meaningful way.