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Frequently Asked Questions

We know embarking on an international adventure, with people you haven't met, into places you've never been, to do things you've never done before, raises some questions! Before you contact us via email, check below to see if your question is answered here. If it isn't, feel free to contact us!


Are there still openings on _____ team?
You can find current availability of all our teams at After making an account you'll see all open teams.

Will I need ______?
You can find our packing lists at We have packing lists for Ultra, Edge and Charge. What we recommend bringing varies greatly depending on the program and trip you are coming on.

Can I start applying before I have a passport?
Yes, absolutely. Though you'll need a passport for your trip to Asia, there are plenty of steps in the application process. Apply for your passport as soon as possible, but you can start working on the other steps while you wait for your passport.

How do I pay for registration fees + flights?
The last step in the application process will be checkout. Once we have purchased flights you will be able to pay with credit card or check. Once you reach this last step, there will be instructions of how much to pay and how to pay.


Who should I contact if I have a question about Charge?
If you have questions that aren't answered here contact

Is Charge for guys or for girls?
Both!! Trips are open for both guys and girls to apply. While some trips end up having only guys or only girls sign up for them, all trips are designed for both genders. Most trips comprised of both guys and girls, will be co-led by an Ultra girl and Edge guy, providing mentoring for you, no matter your gender.

Where will I go on my trip?
When applying for your Charge trip, you will be asked to choose which trip best fits your interests. You will fly from the US to Asia. You will meet your leaders and receive orientation which gives you tools you'll want for your trip. After this time of preparation, you, along with your team and leaders, will fly to  your target country.

How much cash for personal use should I bring? 
Approx $150 - $300 USD. It is up to your discretion on how much you want to spend for souvenirs or personal items.

What visas will I need? 
It depends on where the Charge trip is going. If your Charge trip requires a visa, it will be part of your application process.

Who buys the plane tickets?
Our U.S. office is responsible for purchasing tickets to Asia, and will send you your itinerary when purchased.  



What address should I give friends/family who would like to send me something while I'm in Asia?
We like snail mail! Have them send it to: 

Edge: 11, Jalan USJ 2/4n
USJ 2, 47600 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

Ultra: Unit 422 Subang Jaya Lafite
Jalan SS17/1G
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

When should I start applying for visas?
If you're coming on Edge or Ultra, you should start applying for a Chinese visa 2-3 months before departure. 

How many pages will I need to have in my passport?
You'll be doing significant traveling in Asia. On Edge, you'll need at least 20 empty passport pages. On Ultra you'll need at least 14. If you have less pages, than you should pursue getting a new passport prior to coming to Asia. As of 1/1/2016 adding more pages to your passport is no longer an option.

Passport photos?
You'll need passport photos for border crossings and for applying for visas while in Asia, but we recommend waiting to get them printed until you arrive here since it is much cheaper.

Is it possible to travel back to the states mid-term for a wedding/important occasion?
We do not allow travel back to the states during your time on Edge/Ultra. We recognize that it is hard to miss important events, but have found that returning to the states is not helpful in focusing on growth and relationships here in Asia.  

What if I don't have the total amount of money recommended for Edge/Ultra? 
You do NOT have to pay for your complete term up front; if you don’t have all your money right now, that is OK! We have watched Father provide over and over again in situations where we’ve spent time in prayer and he comes through!  

How much cash should I bring? 
You will be able to withdraw money from ATMs here, but it is always a good idea to have USD when traveling to different countries within Asia. Most people prefer pulling cash from an ATM rather than bringing larger amounts of USD, but both are options. If you want cash we recommend bringing at least $1-2000 USD in cash. 

In order to be able to use your credit/debit card, contact your bank and let them know you’ll be using your credit/debit cards in Asia for the next 6 months.