A specialized internship opportunity designed to stimulate your spiritual growth and expand your horizons.

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Experience life alongside long-term workers

experience Asian culture. Make new friends. Enjoy ethnic foods.

We will help you get involved alongside long-term missionaries in a setting that allows you to interact with Asian students. Through this opportunity, you can grow in your personal life, and have opportunities to share the Fathers love among unreached people groups.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is the largest City in Northern Thailand and is known for its many Buddhist temples. Thailand is an open country, but the majority of the people are unengaged because there is no outreach in the communities where they live. Building relationships with the University students in Chiang Mai is a great way to share the Gospel. We desire that students can return to their villages and share the Gospel with their families.

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Hat Yai, Thailand

Hatyai is a small city of approx 158,000 people along the eastern coast in southern Thailand. The city is a melting pot of cultures and influences including Thai, Malay, and Chinese. Multiple cultures bring various religions with the prevalent ones being Thai Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism, and Muslim, leaving less than 1% Believers. Hatyai is home to the 3rd largest reclining buddha in the world and many tourists come to pay their respect. The Long Term Workers in Hatyai have a heart for university students and use English teaching and other
activities to be involved in the community.

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Locations are not posted Due to security reasons

China has some of the world’s largest blocks of people, and many who have never heard the gospel. Because of rapid migration in recent years, more than half the population now lives in cities. Now is a strategic time to build relationships and share the Gospel. Many young people are open and searching for answers. We have spaces open for people who sense God’s call and are passionate about China. Contact the office for more guidance.


Make an account. Choose your destination. Complete the application.

What to expect


  • You can experience the excitement of learning to communicate in a new language! Studying for a few hours a week, and practicing what you know, is a great way to demonstrate to the locals that you value their culture and want to learn from them.



  • In the evenings this is a great way to make friends. Football (soccer), basketball, badminton, volleyball, and tennis, are some of the favorite sports you could play. You might even learn a new sport like Sepak Takraw.



  • By teaching English, you will have the opportunity to speak into the lives of your students and enable them to have better opportunities in the future. Almost everyone is interested in learning, or practicing their English. A few ways you could interact with students are through teaching in a classroom, tutoring at our English center(s), helping with an English camp, or interacting at an English corner.



  • Look for opportunities that are unique to your interests.


  • Self-motivated
  • Christian
  • A willingness to be stretched
  • 18+ years old

*Open for guys and girls, as well as dating and married couples


When can you come?

The internship will last anywhere from 3-18 months with a minimum of 3 months. Because our Thailand locations have varying schedules, please check with our Stateside office manager for more information. 

Come to Learn. Live Intentionally. Make a difference.

Why you'll love Focus


Share the gospel with the unreached

You are loved. You are redeemed. You are chosen. You've been adopted into a new family. But many have never heard that message. The Father's unconditional love is for every tribe, every tongue, and every nation. Asia is home to 60% of the world’s population. You can be a part of showing somebody how they too can be a redeemed Child of God.


Living along-side missionaries

You can experience first hand what it's like to be a missionary. You will partner with an already established team so you won't need to do all the pioneer work or commit long-term right away. Maybe through this experience, you will get a vision to do something long-term or start a team in a different location!  


Flexible program 

It doesn't matter if you have a family, are retired, just married, or single. Focus will work with you so you can experience first hand God's heart for the Nations.


Personal growth

Throughout your time in Asia one of our missionaries will be checking in with you to offer mentoring and accountability. You do not need to navigate through the adjustments of living in a new culture alone. We desire that this experience will challenge you in your walk with God, awaken a passion in you to share the love of God wherever you are, and give you a vision for future involvement in missions.


Interaction with International Students

Because you will be close to a university it's likely that you will get to meet other international students coming to study. 


Get a new perspective

You will see that some things you've been taught aren't necessarily the only way of doing things. It doesn't mean you've been taught wrong, just different. Whether it's the values they place on relationships, being on time, or the way food is sold in the market; most likely, when you return home, many lessions and new perspectives will travel back with you.

The early church didn’t say, ‘Look what this world is coming to!’. They said, ‘Look what has come into the world!’.
— carl F.H.