Edge Packing List

If you need to buy some equipment, you can check out some products to consider in blue. Amazon gives us a small % on sales made through these links.


Keep in mind that weather can range widely, it will generally be hot and humid, or raining. It’s often nice having a clean dry set of clothes to change into upon arrival at camp. The following is a basic list of clothing that could be useful in Genesis specifically but for Edge you will probably just want "normal" clothing that you would wear at home. 

  • Socks. Bring at least 5 pairs. You may want to consider bringing some really thin synthetic socks to wear inside your hiking socks. For some people these are helpful to cut down on blisters.

  • Underclothing. Most people can survive without a daily change of undergarments. Use your own discretion. We recommend some kind of compression shorts. UnderArmour Compression Shorts

  • Shirts. These should be any good synthetic wicking fabric. There are a bunch of different brands for materials like these and they don’t have to be expensive. Avoid cotton... you’ll be drenched in sweat before you know it. Nike Mens Athletic Dri-Fit Badger Sportswear Dry Tee

  • Pants. Bring something that will dry easily and that will pack lightly. Denim is the worst choice. Quick drying synthetic hiking pants are the best. Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants

  • Hat. A really good idea if you want to avoid getting burnt. Go with function over style.

Being able to stay dry is great, but not imperative. Waterproof, breathable outerwear such as Gore-Tex is wonderful, but if it’s outside your budget, cheaper vinyl raincoats or ponchos also work well. Make sure its “waterproof”, not “water-resistant”. Columbia Packable Rain Jacket


This is one thing you will not want to skimp on. You’ll want a large pack; 65-90 liters. Kelty makes great backpacks and they offer lifetime warranty on all their packs. Be sure to include a backpack cover. You may have to purchase it separately. Your pack will go with you everywhere! Chose carefully. :)  Kelty Redcloud 90L Backpack or  Osprey Aether AG 85L Backpack and  Kelty Rain Cover or Osprey Rain Cover


You could possibly do a good bit of hiking over rough terrain with considerable loads on your shoulders/back through out Edge. Make sure your footwear is well broken in. We recommend lightweight hiking boots and a pair of sandals that strap onto your feet. Cheap is not always better, and a good pair of high-top hiking boots that fit you well are going to be well worth the money. Don’t bring waterproof shoes, they take a lot longer to dry and will never dry while hiking because of the humidity.  Keen Hiking Boots or  Merrell Hiking Boots are good. We recommend barefoot style shoes for Genesis. You will want Gym/casual shoes and slides or flops for around town. You may want dress shoes for more formal settings. 

Other Stuff

  • Flashlight. We recommend both a headlamp and a handheld flashlight. Be sure to take a few changes of batteries. J5 Tactical Flashlight Vitchelo Waterproof Headlamp AAA battery 8 pack

  • Dry bag. For your most valuable things. Dry Bag (2 Pack)

  • Pocket Knife. Useful for many things... Gerber Mini Knife

  • Journal and two pens. Small and lightweight. TOPS Idea Collective 8.25 x 5 Inches Journal

  • Water Bottle. Nalgene is the way to go. You’ll want two bottles. We recommend 32 ounce Nalgene’s. They are cheap and durable. Nalgene 32 Oz Water Bottle

  • Towel. A small absorbent travel towel is best. PackTowl

  • Sunscreen. May be more useful than you think. Sun Bum Face Stick SPF 30

  • Insect Control. As a general rule, where it’s hot and humid, there are all kinds of bugs. DEET works most effectively. Repel 4-Ounce DEET

  • Sleeping bag. Genesis takes place primarily in tropical weather, however during Edge you’ll be traveling in freezing weather. Small is good, but staying warm is good too. A sleeping pad is optional and probably not worth the space it takes unless you have a tough time sleeping on hard surfaces. Suisse Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag

  • Toiletries. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and deodorant are highly recommended.

  • Camera. Optional. It’s nice if for at least one person to have a camera. Using your phone as an option won't always be an option.

  • Bible. Again, small and compact is what will work best. ESV Thinline Bible

  • Carabineers. Optional, can be nice to attach things to your backpack.

  • Baby Powder. Can be really nice to have when hiking in hot and humid environments

  • Passport photos

  • 2 sets of dress clothes

  • Casual/work clothes

  • Warm coat for winter term

  • Pretty much any clothing that you would use in daily life at home but don't bring clothes that you won't use in just six months

Things that could be handy

  • Several hundred USD

  • Laptop

  • GRAB app downloaded and signed in

  • WhatsApp

  • Paypal app

  • XE currency converter app

  • A debit/credit card with no foreign transaction fees is a very valuable thing to have!

Personal Medication

If you regularly take medication or have any medical condition, be sure to have 1 month supply on hand, and inform us about your condition PRIOR to arrival in Malaysia.



  • Hat/Bandana for warm weather

  • 2 dry bags

  • 3 Shirts

  • 2 Hiking Pants (quick drying)

  • 5 Pairs of Socks

  • Hiking Shoes (worn in)

  • 3 Pairs of Underwear

  • Backpack

  • Backpack Cover

  • Flashlight/headlamp

  • Extra batteries

  • Travel Towel

  • 2 Nalgene Bottles (32 ounces)

  • Journal

  • Pen/pencil

  • Bible

  • Toiletries

  • Personal Medication


  • Camera

  • Sandals

  • Pocket Knife

  • Waterproof Rain Gear

  • Baby Powder

This is our recommendation for Genesis.  If you’d like to carry more/less, it’s up to you.